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Obama’s Buchanan/Hoover/Carter Moments

I submit to you this week that in the media, President Hussein is found lacking for accurate historical comparisons.

You know the drill: his poll numbers tank, and his leftist media cronies dutifully trot out comparisons to Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan.

With this whole debt ceiling facade, this week they’ve been ginning up the Lincoln talking points – especially seeing as not so long ago, the president himself compared his struggle to Lincoln’s emancipation of black Americans.

It is beyond absurd to compare Obama to Lincoln … about the only similarity they share is careers in law leading into politics. Politically, they could hardly be more different.

The Reagan analogy is even more ludicrous and insulting, insofar as Obama is on written record as despising everything Reagan stood for.

To offer a more accurate alternative, I suggest we stop comparing President Hussein with these giants of history who led the nation through some of its darkest hours and into some of its most glorious rebirths.

Even socialist Roosevelt does not deserve to be dragged into the mud of being compared to this most awful presidency; even he, when confronted with a clear and present threat to US national security, fought like a wild animal to protect us.

Instead, we ought to compare Obama to the men who immediately preceded them – James Buchanan, Herbert Hoover and Jimmy Carter.

For starters, that puts our current president more aligned as far as parties go – two of the comparisons are actual Democrats, and the other is a Consensitive Mod Squad Republican.

James Buchanan, president from 1857-1861, has some interesting parallels with President Hussein. He was generally regarded as a “doughface” – a Northerner with sympathies for the Old South.

As far-fetched as it may sound for a black nationalist like Barack Obama to sympathize with the Old South, it is noteworthy that he has long served in the state and national wings of the most racist, bigoted, segregationist and pro-slavery political party. And he has done so even as bigots like Robert Byrd, Bill Clinton and Harry Reid led and lead it.

Obama’s constant vacillation between two precise opposites can be mirrored in Buchanan’s indecisive handling of the South’s decision to secede from the union.

In 2004 and 2006, when George W. Bush and the GOP-controlled Congress sought to raise the debt ceiling, Obama opposed it publicly.

Now that it functions as a ploy to trick the GOP into increasing taxes – and thereby enhance his chances of re-election – Obama is adamant that the debt ceiling must be raised, even though we run a deficit and owe a national debt more than twice as large as they were when he opposed it.

Buchanan, similarly, believed that the South had no right to secede from the union. But he also believed that the union had no right to stop them. So he presaged Obama by ignoring the commanding general of the US military, Winfield Scott, who advised him to marshal federal troops and prepare for armed conflict with the South.

Buchanan ignored Scott’s advice, communicated poorly about his negotiations with the South, and the bullets flew at Fort Sumter weeks later, before Lincoln could even take the oath of office.

How about a comparison to Herbert Hoover? You probably think that it’s a stretch, considering how Hoover stood by like a good ideologue and let the country collapse after the Stock Market Crash of 1929.

But you are wrong. Read these items from a list on Wikipedia:

“Hoover expanded civil service coverage of Federal positions, canceled private oil leases on government lands … appointed a commission that set aside 3 million acres (12,000 km²) of national parks and 2.3 million acres (9,000 km²) of national forests; advocated tax reduction for low-income Americans; closed certain tax loopholes for the wealthy; created an antitrust division in the Justice Department; required air mail carriers to adopt stricter safety measures and improve service … reorganized the Bureau of Indian Affairs … proposed a federal Department of Education (not enacted); advocated $50-per-month pensions for Americans over 65 (not enacted); chaired White House conferences on child health, protection, homebuilding and home-ownership …  and signed the Norris – La Guardia Act that limited judicial intervention in labor disputes.”

Oh, and he raised income taxes from the low twenties to over 60% for top earners during the run-up to his failed re-election bid in 1932.

It sounds as though Herbert Hoover is an excellent comparison to President Hussein.

And then, of course, we have Jimmy Carter, who makes a great comparison to Obama where foreign policy and national security are concerned. You could be forgiven for saying Buchanan and Hoover had nothing in common with Obama when it came to national defense … but not Carter.

Obama’s presidency has often been described as Carter’s second term. Carter opened his presidency in 1977 by undermining national security, military morale and patriotism – pardoning Vietnam draft dodgers. Obama echoed it by signing a toothless executive order to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

Carter responded to Soviet military adventures in the late 1970s by meekly doing nothing, save a boycott of the 1980 Olympics.

President Hussein has similarly lauded and welcomed communist China as they hurriedly purchase influence, resources and allies in every corner of the globe, while buttering Moscow up by scuttling our space shuttle program and signing the toothless START II nuclear stockpile reduction treaty.

Carter took American treachery toward allies to a new level by siding against the Shah of Iran when Islamic fanatics overthrew him in 1979. He also failed to rescue the 52 Americans held hostage by the ayatollahs for 444 consecutive days.  Carter authorized a secret mission by Delta Force soldiers that ended disastrously, with a helicopter crash in the middle of the Iranian desert.

Obama has squandered opportunities to support the overthrow of the Iranian regime Carter helped into power, while supporting Al-Qaida and Islamist uprisings in Egypt and Libya. He has conducted secret and/or unauthorized military operations in Libya, Yemen and Pakistan (some of which, by the way, I do not hold against him – it’s just a comparison).

So when you read these phony left-wing comparison articles, claiming that President Hussein is akin to Lincoln, Roosevelt or Reagan – just replace the names with Buchanan, Hoover and Carter.

That way, when you take the time to research what those presidents did or failed to do, you’ll find much more common ground than our present stock of DC stooges ever will.

© 2011 Ed’s Voices LLC


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